“Sum ergo duco” - Reflections on leadership.

The leadership "industry" is broken. Decades of training on the "standard skills" of the leader (where "leader" and "standard" are already colliding definitions ...) have produced such modest effects, confirming their substantial uselessness.

Leadership is primarily concerned with one's own way of "being", before doing, and behaviors, even those of the leader, are generated and sustained by one's vision of her/himself, of Man and of the world, with her/his judgments and prejudices, paradigms , enriching or limiting experiences. For all this, the journey of the Leader is first and foremost a journey of personal evolution, a path of continuous growth, which goes only in part through the skills.

If the objective is therefore to be or become the propelling and coagulating element of the System, the development process cannot be "standard"; it must acquire the identity, style and potential of the individual and accompany her/him in the discovery and experimentation of new, functional and sustainable behaviours.

In this context, we note that good Coaching and Mentoring, when combined, still represent the most powerful, rapid and effective way, so that a good manager can thoroughly evolve into a Leader.

Alessandro Della Monica