Fairness and employees engagement.

Marco Alverà made a very powerful speech at TED last year. He runs SNAM and believes that caring for people is all that Executives looking for people engagement need. Taking care of employees, thus making them close and engaged, involves 4 actions:

  1. Allowing everyone to feel they have the possibility to make mistakes, made in good faith, and not only possible but precious items you can learn from.

  2. Stimulating the variety among people, their ideas, proposals, helping them to become aware of their own prejudices so that they can put them aside and make room for listening and reflection.

  3. Simplifying rules, processes, systems, keeping only the clear and meaningful ones.

  4. Constantly asking oneself what the needs and emotions of employees are to always bring out the best from them.

In Youvolution we are specialists in organizational well-being and we know that every company has the capability to achieve this. Regardless of where you start from and the organization’s complexity, through leadership commitment you can activate the full potential of your community, with amazing effects on performances, unimaginable for those who think that people are only "operators" and not the heart of every company.

You can listen to the whole TED Talk here.

Alessandro Della Monica