Change, transitions. Striving for equilibrium.

Development processes are generally named “changes”.

However, if we take a close look at them, they can be recognized as sequences of transitions, phases of change with distinct characteristics, dynamics, and different and specific needs.

An awareness of the phase where we start from, allows accurate choice and calibration of the support action needed to achieve a balance between the Effectiveness, Efficiency and Sustainability of the change. This is where Evolution occurs.

It is ineffective and – we strongly believe – useless in the long term, to apply generic processes and tools, as they do not take into account the unique resources and characteristics of the individual and the partner organization. Only customized support can ensure transitions that are at the same time effective, efficient and sustainable.

In #Youvolution we start from a proprietary Model of Change focusing on “informal” organization and implementing mechanisms that are quite different from standard good practices of Change management. As a matter of fact, if standard good practices of Change may have worked for past generations and organizational models, they definitely appear inefficient and often counterproductive, today.

Alessandro Della Monica